2GIS Electronic Maps
A SHAPE-based electronic map is a set of vector data obtained by vectorizing the elements of satellite images.

All elements in the map are split into 10 layers (boundaries of settlements, administrative boundaries, residential quarters, boundaries of areal rivers, boundaries of linear rivers, railway stations, railways, roads/driveways, outlines of buildings, and bridges).

Depending on your needs, you can display the necessary number of layers and add an unlimited number of additional elements.

The map can be integrated in any professional GIS system (MAPinfo, ArcGIS, GPS MapEdit etc.).

Examples of layers:

Residential quarters
Residential quarters + water bodies
Residential quarters + water bodies + roads
Residential quarters + rivers + road network + railway
Residential quarters + rivers + road network + railway + buildings
Most popular applications of maps:
  • Government agencies and rescue services use 2GIS data for different automatic tracking and monitoring systems, which allows them to provide a quick response in case of emergencies.
  • Companies with own car fleet plan routes and control the deviations from scheduled movements of personnel on company-provided vehicles during the working day.
  • Producers of software for business processes automatization or navigation equipment integrate 2GIS electronic maps in their own products.
  • Companies working with professional GIS systems may easily develop their own projects and services.
Technical description:
  • Output mode: SHAPE.
  • Geo-referenced data (Mercator projection WGS 84).
  • Vector map.

SHAPE-based electronic maps are provided to end users only for internal use.