Sample from the directory

2GIS is happy to provide you with accurate information about different elements of the city selected according to your criteria.

What solutions are provided by 2GIS samples?

Working with client bases

By providing data on all organizations, together with contact details for each company, 2GIS helps you:

  • to develop a client base for corporate sales in B2B market. 2GIS data contains contact details of city organizations;
  • to actualize contact information of your own client base;
  • to monitor companies which appeared in the market during a specified period.

Example of a sample

City District Section Name Street Building Telephone
Moscow Tverskoy Fixing hardware I.I. Ivanov, individual entrepreneur Petrovka 10


Saint Petersburg Nevsky Fixing hardware Komplekt, wholesaler Tkachey 15


Marketing research

  • Evaluation of the market potential of a product or service upon entry into a new city market. Evaluation is based on the information about the buildings, development area and the number of new developments in the specified area.
  • Calculation of efficient schemes for utility network distribution based on the number of the riser blocks of flats and flats in residential districts.
  • Geocode targeting. You can see accurate geographical coordinates of any elements on the city map.

Example of a sample

City Street Building Building area, sq m Number of floors Number of riser blocks of flats Number of flats
Novosibirsk Arbuzova 8
5 500 9 5 180
Voronezh Studencheskaya 12а 8 000 17