Folding Booklets

2GIS can develop a travel guide map in a folding booklet format for your needs.

2GIS booklet map is a wonderful souvenir for your prospective or actual clients. It helps you solve the following important tasks:

  • promotion of your own products or services;
  • informing your clients about your company’s news;
  • increasing your customers’ loyalty.

The guide map can be used many times, which means that the number of contacts with your message is unlimited. Each map can be folded conveniently and is provided with a hard cover for a long use. The folded map is ideal for carrying in a pocket of a jacket or in a purse.

2GIS guide maps subtly remind their owners about your company, its products or services. Don’t miss an opportunity to add advertising information onto your map:

  • You can highlight any sightseeing attractions, recreation places, places for eating out or shopping, or ATMs. Insert your own logos or legends for facilities.
  • The booklet provides blank spaces for any information (advertising of additional services, products, advertisements etc.)
  • The covers and two side panels of the map have a place for advertising blocks where you can insert your message.

Dimensions of the folded map: 100x150 mm; dimensions of the unfolded map: 630x420 mm.
Material: offset paper 80 g per sq m, four-color double-sided printing.

We provide the following services:

  • development of the city map graphic layout;
  • printing of additional legends or logos;
  • design of modules on the map with additional information;
  • design of the customized cover;
  • printing of the booklet print run;
  • delivery to the specified city.